Good Gifting to Your Do-Gooder

As easy as it is to give a gift card for a gift, it is just as easy to give money to a cause. Many times we give to organizations without any real connection. But if you have a do-gooder on your list, you know that he is all about getting his hands dirty. She wants to be involved. They enjoy the connection to the cause and with people who believe in the cause. All of us have a person in our life that has a special cause they work…

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Father’s Day is right around the corner and trust me when I tell you THIS IS THE BEST GIFT YOUR DAD WILL EVER GET! This is the gift our newborn gave my husband last year for his first Father’s Day ever and honestly he almost cried! My husband is a firefighter and must wear a strictly defined uniform to work every shift. However, I know he likes to have small items to remind him of us while he is gone. For instance, like many firefighters, he stashes a picture of…

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Clever Gift Wrapping Tricks For Lazy People

This post may be just for you guys out there. It is for the LAZY wrapper. This is my husband. He gives amazing gifts. He really does a great job finding the perfect gift. However, I often get the gift in the manufacturer's box or the store’s plastic bag. I am super surprised if it is even in a gift bag. No tissue paper mind you, but in a gift bag.#1 tip - it is easiest to have some supplies on hand. I suggest buying some a big roll of…

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