I LOVE giving gifts. Honestly, some of my personal highlights are out-gifting everybody in the annual Secret Santa or the most memorable part of the party is my gift not the food or entertainment! It not only makes me happy to hit a home run with my gift, but it’s nice to know that I made the giftee feel as special as possible. That look on their face when I know I crushed it is amazing.

Ok – yes great gifts take time and I know we are all so busy! This is why I started Michael Grace Gifts!

People came to me all the time asking for help in coming up with the perfect gift, so I created some easy to purchase gifts to suit some occasions. For those see our products pages. We are always adding wonderfully curated items.

However, we would LOVE to provide to you a completely customized gift for any occasion for any person on your list. If you want to create the perfect present please email me at sendingsmiles@michaelgracegifts or use the contact form on the contact us page for a free consultation.

Please know that all customized gifts are extremely unique to the person and occasion. So we will need to gather some information on the recipient like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest and hobbies
  • Style and personality traits
  • How well do you know the gift recipient?
  • Relationship to recipient
  • What is the occasion?
  • What sentiments do you want to convey with your gift?
  • Crazy facts and other things you’d like us to know….

I know the next question! What will this cost? It all depends on the gift. The base price is $25 plus the cost of the items plus shipping & handling.

Some clients just want that perfect idea and want to put the gift together themselves. If that is you – no problem! We charge just the base price of $25 to discuss the recipient and occasion and to send you 3-5 ideas for you to choose from.
Let’s gift together soon! 🙂
Happy Gifting!