Care Package

There are times that our loved ones need to know that people care about them. If this is one of those times and you are one of those people, we have the perfect get well presentation for you to send.

Our get well soon gift set is a simple but meaningful way to convey your condolences and hope for a speedy recovery. Each gift includes
1) an extra large super soft throw blanket,
2) vacuum insulated stainless steel cup,
3) Twinings teas paired with all natural sweeteners
4) a meditation candle set
5) an inspirational word puzzle book and comfort-grip pen

We ensure that every item is of the highest quality, so you can rest assured that your gift will show how much you care. Our get well soon box is suited for both men and women as well as for loved ones with minor illnesses or ongoing health issues. It is also a perfect gift for anyone having surgery.

Several gift card options are available.

Brand: Michael Grace Gifts
Manufacturer: RMPGT

SkuEAN (GS1)
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MGG.Get Well for Women_Thinking of You.20235060854710208
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MGG.Get Well for Women_Especially for You.20235060854710222
MGG.Get Well for Women_Happy Birthday.20235060854710239

What People Are Saying

This was a great box !! Sent it to a sick friend in college, the blanket was very nice!! She loved everything in the box!! ❞

E Miller

❝ I’ve ordered this box at least three times if not more for friends and loved ones sick and getting well pre or post surgery no complaints everyone has felt loved well-thought-of when received I don’t like most get well packages displayed online with the exception of what is provided here beautifully done and arranged and a great way to think of loved ones when you may not have the time or there’s a long distance preventing visitation and the like those we care about know they’re loved upon receipt ❞


❝ Recipient absolutely loved … what a fantastic idea with regard to the contents! ❞